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The Stolen Forests (atleast by 2050)

Products that we use that come from the rainforest.

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The logging of timber is a method of rainforest destruction that is widely known.  One of the few companies to have success in logging is local, by the name Georgia Pacific.  Most timber is cut down from tropical wood, and is then transported into the US.  It arrives in the form of plywood and paneling, which can be seen on both the exterior and interior of modern housing.  This plywood comes almost exclusively from the Southeast Asian rainforests.
Many juice and shampoo companies use the precious tropical fruits to create wonderful tastes and scents for their various “tropical” products.
Other products include:
Brazilian nuts, cayenne pepper, cassava/manioc, cashews, chocolate/cocoa, cinnamon, cloves, coconut, coffee, cola, corn/maize, eggplant, fig, ginger, guava, herbal tea ingredients (hibiscus flowers, orange flowers and peel, lemon grass), jalapeņo, lemon, orange, papaya, paprika, peanut, pineapple, rice, winter squash, sweet pepper, sugar, tomato, turmeric, vanilla, and Mexican yam



These products are removed due to economic and political hardships.


This site was created for the sole purpose of educating the general public about the misfortunes of destroying the world's rainforests.